Ivy Western Ringtail Possum

The Refuge "Wish" List

Here we have a list of Items, in no particular order, that the Refuge Requires
If anyone can donate or can assist with fabricating it would be most apprecated.

- 2 x Long Pole Saws Stihl Type
- 1 Small Fridge
- Galvanised Tubing [For Enclosures]
- Wire Netting [For Enclosures Flight Avaries]
- Feeds, Sunflower Seed, Kangaroo Mix, Cockatoo Seed etc
- 6x4 Tipping Trailer for Fodder Collection
- 4 Wheeled Buggy Type ATV with TippingTray [Would be really Helpfull I did say it's a wish list]
- 2 x Reptile Heat Box's
- Anti Slip Flooring
- Cement
- Small Avairies for Possums, Birds, Reptiles, Mammals multi use
- Education room flooring material
- Perimiter Vermin proof fencing 3.8kms of it.....
- And the list goes on.......

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