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Here is information regarding our product line of Burston Blue Silicone Teats.
Proceeds go to running and maintaining the Refuge. 
The Teats are made from silicone and have a very unique blue colouring.
After an extreme amount of research and trials we have found a product that meets our requirements and is safe to use for us and our Wildlife.
Please enjoy reading all about our Product.
Various shapes are available........
Mini Syringe Teats- to suit Tiny Pinkies, Bandicoot, Wallaby and Numbats

New 20ml Syringe Teat

#1 Large Pinkies Kangaroo and Wallaby
#2 Kangaroo over 1.5kg and Larger Wallaby
#3 Kangaroo 3kg to 5kg
#4 Kangaroo 5kg to 10kg
#5 Kangaroo 10kg to weaning

A  Flying Fox's less than 10 days
B  Flying Fox's to weaning

C  Unfurred Possum, Bandicoots, Entechinus and Small Mammals

E  Small Koalas and Wombats
F  Larger Koalas and Wombats

We also now have a Flange Teat to suit Baby Bottles


Make sure the Teat is thoroughly dried. Face the sucking end of teat towards you the place your index fingers inside the opening.  Place your thumbs on the outside of the teat, with you index fingers, fold the teat over your thumb. Do not put any outward force on the teat just roll back.  You should now have the base of the teat inside out over your thumbs.
Place the teat on the top of the bottle, with your thumbs rested on the centre top of the bottle, using thumbs and index fingers push/roll the teat on the bottle.

We do "Not" recommend you just grab and pull or stretch the teat base out when placing onto bottle.

With the flat of you thumb gently roll the teat off from the neck of the bottle.
We do “Not” recommend to Pull the teat off from the top [Sucking End], Pull the teat off just above the neck or Use your nail to lift base of teat from neck of bottle.

Using a sharp toothpick, not a blunt one, put the pick inside the teat, when you get to the top, place point in the middle of the teat and gently rotate the sharp end of the toothpick around until it goes through the Teat [Note: support the shaft of the Teat].  Continue to rotate the pick until you have the desired hole size.
We do "Not" recommend to put the toothpick up into to the teat and just push through.

You can boil the teats, soak in Miltons solution and wash in hot soapy water without affecting the teat. Teats can be stored at room temperature.
We do "Not" recommend you scrub teats with salt.


“Burston Blues” are Non Toxic and are handmade by us at “Maroo Wildlife Refuge”.
Unlike latex our Blues retain their shape and Feel.  Why have we made these Teats?-Well we wanted a Teat that felt closer to the mother’s natural teat. 
The colour may have you a bit worried but we trialled over 50 teats and not one kangaroo or other animal has rejected them.  All teats are hand-made so some variation will occur but will not affect the quality. Some changes do take place as we are always on the go to make our products better.  
Some photos of our Happy Customers:

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