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Monday, February 9, 2015

Northcliffe/Shannon Fire

Hi everyone regarding the Northcliffe/Shannon fire due to the amount of work done please see our Facebook Page   https://www.facebook.com/maroowildliferefuge?ref_type=bookmark .  Over 9100 hectares now burnt.

Thank you to all the wonderful people who have offered support and help throughout this tragic fire.

At this stage we are asking that you be patient and know that we are in contact with authorities and are keeping a track of the fire progress.  The authorities have our contact and will be letting us know should injured wildlife need assistance in the first instance.

We cannot at this stage get access to any of the fire ground and it would be anticipated that this would be the case for days and even weeks.  Until the fire control officer declares the grounds of this fire safe we cannot gain access.  Please respect the enormous task the control centre has ahead of it in the days to come as lives and property are being saved.

Until then please keep an eye out for any displaced wildlife on the fringes of the fire as they move away.  Birds will leave the fire zone during the fire.   Wildlife that can take shelter underground will do so; large kangaroos that are not fenced have the ability to out run the fire front.  Unfortunately all the small mammals that take shelter in trees or surface burrows will have little chance against the ferocity of the heat and flames.

There will be a stillness and eerie silence to the bush in the early days.  Once the all clear has been given only then will we have access to the grounds.  Because of the vastness of our country we will need your eyes and ears to the ground.  Once the fires settle the animals will come to the surface and move back into familiar ground.  This is when our job really starts.  If you have burnt ground around you please leave water out in first instance. If you are considering leaving food out for the wildlife as they return please contact Maroo Wildlife Refuge for advice and guidance.  Burns to the feet can happen after the fire as the animals start to move around extremely hot surfaces.  Please observe the wildlife close to you and if you notice any injury or burns and it is safe to do so capture the animal using a towel to protect your hands. Place in a secured box for transport.  Keep the animal in a quiet dark place during transport. Take it to your nearest Vet for assessment.

If you come across an injured kangaroo that is too large to transport please contact the Wildlife officer at the Department of Parks and Wildlife on 97717988 who will assist you. 

If you come across an animal who you may feel is to aggressive to handle safely please contact Maroo Wildlife Refuge on 0409086973 or the Wildcare Helpline 9474 9055 who will put you in touch with your closest Wildlife Rehabilitator. You may offer water only to the animal, wet any burnt areas, again only if safe to do so.

Please be patient, stay vigilant and look out for wildlife in crisis.  Once the all clear has been given, Maroo Wildlife Refuge will instigate a recovery plan which. We will keep you up to date via our face book page.

Again, thank you all for you overwhelming offer of support and help, our animals and our Forrest are going to take a very long time to recover.

Glen Burston


Maroo Wildlife Refuge Inc

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