Ivy Western Ringtail Possum

Friday, September 26, 2014

Meet Henry the VIII

Here is a little Ring Tail Possum that was attacked by Crows.
He has an Ulcer on his left Eye and is dehydrated and not a very happy little Boy. His Name- Henry [the 8th] as he is the 8th ringtail that has come into care. Lets see what he looks like in a few days hey. Feeding and being rehydrated as I Type.

Day 2 Henry the VIII is feeling better today. Here is getting Rehydrated with a Burston Blue Teat. Eye treatment is going well and he is feeling so much better with some pain relief too. Sorry about my dirty fingers but I have been chain sawing today and I did wash them Thrice...

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Star Junior

Where do I start. Here is "Tippy" she was a release a while back and so far over the last 3 years she has returned each year with a new baby to show us. Seems we have a safe place to raise her young. The grass must be nice and tasty here at the refuge. Sorry about the hazy photos as this morning it was really foggy/Misty/Low Cloud. Wild and Free......

And we shall call it Star Junior. Here is the Big fella that visited with that tell tale white mark on his Forehead. Unfortunately Star was found hit by a car not 6 weeks ago on one of the tracks.-- His Legacy lives on. R.I.P. Star.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

A Numbat of a Visitor

Sitting here trying to get rid of my Man Flu/Virus [they are the worstest type] and unbelievably I see a "Numbat" walk straight past the window...Computer overlooks the forest. Mee thinks I am seeing things? Must be some of the drugs???Grab... the camera and get me aching bones moving slowly outside I go and Yep it was a NUMBAT...How happy can a Wildlife Rehabilitator be ??? and so close to the Refuge's House too. Did i tell ya all how happy I am.....


Tuesday, September 9, 2014

An Emu or 2...

So what did all the Dad's get for Fathers Day?. I got an emu chick hahahahaha. Now I have 2 to look after because I am da Man and it's the male that looks after the Chicks. Mum just lays the egg!!!
1 at 189gms and 1 at 1.1kilos...this is the little one. sooooo Cute. And how much do they eat---a plate load... glad we have a vege garden otherwise they would eat us out house and home