Ivy Western Ringtail Possum

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Post Storm

Well we had 102mm of Rain since Sunday storms.. High winds and the house is still standing WooHoo.
Now for all of you reading try the following and see how you go ---No Phone for 4 days, No Internet for 4 days.... We have power [Good old Solar from the Sun] but the poor farmers around us and the Town site of Manjimup has been without power for 4 days...try that!!!
Woolies, Coles and IGA have had to throw out a huge amount of $$$ worth of stock- in the bin it went - not at reduced prices just all in the BIN. Something to do with Company policies.....
Finally got power to the Telstra tower today so we are back on Line so to speak.

Saturday, September 21, 2013


We had a Cygnet come in but sadly it did not make it. Unfortunately not all our stories are happy ones and as this one was found wandering around may suggest that it's parents had abandoned it for a reason-- We will never know.

Students Visit

Maroo had a group of students attending one of our Courses recently and here are some photos of the great experience they all had.

and yes everyone likes Scratches

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Is a Woylie in the hand worth 2 in the bush

Ok Someone did not want their Photo taken because they are shy.
But a little bit of Coaxing
And here she is

Wildlife Rescue Magazine issue 7

Well if you were a subscriber you would now have downloaded issue 7 which is now available. If not you will have to wait a while to download it.
Anyways check it out it's free..at http://www.wildliferescuemagazine.com/
Heaps of other information there as well what are you doing go check it out.....