Ivy Western Ringtail Possum

Monday, April 29, 2013

Hello Homer

Homer is a Stimson Python and is now one of the Refuges education animals. Even though he is not from this area Stimson's are a great python for educational and training as well as having one privately.
His 1st outing was with Rodney the shingleback at the Balingup field day where Maroo had a wildlife stand. Seen here is the Maroo Mob, Karen Brian, Jo, Glen, Kevin and with Zara Seated.
 Homer interacting with some of the young wildlife enthusiast's.
Some of the information at hand
 Maroo Supporters or Maroo rent a Crowd?

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Next course May 19th - Wildlife Safety, handling, and first aid.

Due to demand we are offering this course again to those who are interested.  For more detail
Please contact Jo on 0409086973 or email maroowildliferefuge@bigpond.com

Friday, April 19, 2013

Woylies Everywhere

The Refuge has been on standby as DEC [Department of Environment and Conservation] have been trapping at the Perup Sanctuary to see how the 41 introduced Woylies [Dec2010] have been doing. Well in 2 days they have trapped over 164 individuals. There are still a few days to go so any bets on how many there are now? What a great project and shows what a predator proof fence can help do.
This little girl came in after being thrown from the mother at release time. She spent overnight at the Refuge all snug and warm. Her mum was re-caught the next night and both Mother and Daughter were brought back together and successfully released again....together now everyone all goes ahhhh.  
Now was that a "Great Story" with a happy ending .. you betchya........

Monday, April 15, 2013

Maroo gets a Call

Yep one of the many things we do in the day to day running of the Refuge is getting call outs for Wildlife Rescue.  If we have an animal injured that is too small for the public to bring to us then
into the car and off we go when we can.
Last week we had a call from the DEC for assistance in assessing the injuries of a Female Kangaroo and a Adult Emu. Even though we could not save any of the animals, as their injuries were just too critical, it was good to know we could make the assessment and not let these animals suffer for any longer than necessary.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Meet Woody

Introducing "Woody" our Tawny Frogmouth education Bird. Ain't he a good lookin bird?
Often confused with looking like an Owl he is actually from the Nightjar Family.
Woody has come from NAR [Native Animal Rescue] http://www.nativeanimalrescue.org.au/ and has not successfully been able to be released. We thank Nar and he is a most welcome into the Maroo Family.
Being built for night flying and sleeping during the day it is really amazing that you can not hear him fly. No flapping noises just "Silent Flight" AWESOME!!!!! and with eyes like this here's lookin at ya.