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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Watch and Act

One blurry eyed Volunteer Bush Firefighter I am today. Rolling in at 3.10am this morning after looking after assets as well as backburning at Shalem health retreat.
Shalem consists of approx 6 houses in bushland surroundings surrounded by state forest.
All private individuals were evacuated from the area.
DEC [Department of Environment and Conservation] had 60 personnel, 20 Volunteer Bush Firefighters, 3 Dozers and a Front End Loader which made a valiant effort to put in Firebreaks, Creek crossings as well as an extensive Back burning campaign late into the night and well into the early hours of the morning with great success.
Wind changes forecast for today saw the need to get the backburning done to prevent any further flare-ups and if they did would be trying to burn back through our last night efforts.
Great planning and personell came to the call and got the job done.

Back at the refuge Jo had made her preperations should the need to evacuate was given.
One of the things we in the country have to put up with is that in the area I was in that was burning, there is no phone reception and radio communication is limited within the fire ground.
So ....she was home alone but did have the company of Gilbert the wonder dog.

At the Refuge we got lots of ash and heaps of smoke. The wind change late last night directed the main front away from the refuge further to the north into state forest.
We had a great big sigh of relief.
Cooler conditions are forecast today.
And I am on standy

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Thats not clouds its SMOKE.....This is one thing you do not want to see. We are now on "Alert" at the Refuge. Our Fire Plan is now being implemented. Cars are packed and ready, Firefighter filled and tanks all filled. This is in preperation if the front approaches quickly or we get an ember attack.
The fire is from a lightning strike from yesterday that has just flared up. The Very dark smoke indicated a Hot Fire.
 View from the back looking west over the Maroo Power House

Not only that, we have looking to the west, [in the opposit direction] a large Storm building up. Hopefully some rain in there too.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Workin in Timber

Out of the Man shed comes Maroo's new Joey Hangers. Based on a design from Macropology by Cheryl Dooley.
These can go in a vertical
or just off horizontal position- does this look comfy or what?
Here is a side shot at horizontal
 and one at vertical
 A couple of happy customers