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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Good things come in Packages

Have a look at the Numbat Cards we received in the mails today. These are done by the very Talented illustrator, Graphic Designer, Cartoon Animator and Chalkboard Artist [he was good with the blackboards at school too] and Friend to Wildlife "Peter Lake".
For anything that you would like illustrated send Peter an email at peterlakeart@hotmail.com and I am sure he will be able to help you as he helped us---- go on get in contact with him.
Thanks Peter and to his Partner Vicki for thinking of Us.

The Numbat [Cute as they are] is the Western Australian Emblem and is also an Endangered Species They are now only found in the South West of Western Australia and solely eat Termites [YUM!]. Up to 20,000 a day WOW! Loss of habitat through land clearing and introduced predators contine to threaten the long term survival of these magnificient animals.

These Cards will be used for the Refuges fundraising activities. Want some? drop us a line at maroowildliferefuge@bigpond.com and we will wisk some away to you for a small cost.

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