Ivy Western Ringtail Possum

Monday, October 29, 2012

Who is hanging onto who

When checking the mail this afternoon guess what I found up a tree?
Can you see the Tree hanging onto the monitor or is it the other way around....He was a good 1200mm long.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Weve struck G....

That got your attention didn't it. Well not GOLD but GRAVEL.
Yep that small rocky stuff that is hard to find, unless you pay for it well the Refuge now has its own Gravel Pit!!..and its only 70m from the Man's shed!.

Yep I am happy as chudich munching on a chicken bone-- cause its great. No more are we at the mercy of the building suppliers. I can use this for almost everything from Concrete mix's, Pathways and drainage for enclosures. Woo Hoo....

Don't worry I have put aside the topsoil and when we have enough out of the pit it will be put back on and the area will be revegetated. Sustainable we are..

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Meet Donald

Say hello to Donald he is a Ring Tail Possum of 125gms. This will be the refuges 4th Ring Tail to come into care. He is from the Manjimup area. [One of the Locals]. A very well behaved possum at that even though he has lost his Mum. He is lapping well and is now in his heat box at a very comfortable temperature. When he reaches approx 850-900gms he will be released.

How Much can an Emu Eat?

A Blinking lot is all I can say. This is a 14" [355mm] diameter plate that he gets in the morning and at night. Glad the Vege garden is producing lots of greens and are well eaten up.
Not to forget the Mealworms bugs and Herbivore pellets he also gets.
Sadly the smaller of the 2 emu chicks had to be put to sleep. She came in with a wobbly leg and X'Rays showed a malformed knee joint and being such a large bird, when at adult stage, she would not have been able to use it.
Emu is alone now but is Happy and content.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Probus Denmark

The Refuge was invited down to Denmark [South weste of Western Australia not the other Denmark] as a guest Speaker.
I made the drive down [with Rodney our Education baby Bobtail] and was welcomed by approx 50 people wow! what a great turnout . The presentation went well and the Probus group are now more aware of the plight of our unique Wildlife. A great write up is in their monthly newsletter  http://denprobclub.freewebspace.com/custom2.html
It has been some time since I was down Denmark and I must say it is a thriving community and very Picturesque town.
Go Probus!

Some of the big group
 Our Display table sorry no photos of me its a bit hard to take ones self photo..

Friday, October 5, 2012

Out of the Kaos

Yep that's right been busy again I have been.
With the help of a DEC Environmental Community Grant and Sales of Burston Blue Teats has transformed
Drum roll please ....... Ta Daaaaaa
TO THIS!.........Maroo Wildlife Refuge's "NEW" Clinic Room.....

This Grant has helped make all the difference now when we receive injured Wildlife.
Jo now has all her bandages and treatments all nicely packed into the Cupboards.
Easy access around the Treatment table and plenty of bench tops.
Some Painting of the walls and floor coverings are still needed [when funds available] but are not hindering us in any way, and just in time for the spring influx.
I deserve some homemade Scones, Jam and Cream and guess what-- that's whats cooking right now.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

More Great work

The Refuge has received 2 Emu Chicks. Yep WAY bigger than chooks I can tell ya. And Very Very Cute....

Where to put them?
Lucky Super Tom [Seriously he was on the Model T assembly line] and his Caped crusader Brian were here. We had an Emu enclosure up in a DAY!!!
Thanks Heaps Guys for all your hard work. Yes I helped Too!!! Guess who had to take all the Photos...
Even the Tea Ladies lent a hand.
[Yes I ducked the 4x2 for that comment]
The completed Enclosure