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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Maroo's Regional Wildlife Vet Program

Maroo Wildlife Refuge was successful in receiving a PWC [PriceWaterhouseCooper] grant to start our Regional Wildlife Vet Program and A Great Big "Thank You" goes out to them.
This consists of "Giving Back" valued Journals and Medical Books to Regional Veterinary practices that give so much to Wildlife.

A snippet from the local paper.
Our 1st recipient and congratulations went to Dog Rock Veterinary Hospital in Albany.
From the left Jo Burston RVN [Maroo], Laura Wilson RVN, Dr Tony Dent, and Glen Burston [Maroo]

Our 2nd Recipient went to Manjimup Veterinary Clinic.
Seen here at our presentation night from the left Jo Burston RVN [Maroo], Julie Leggett RVN and Dr Sam Wright [on the Right].

Our Display on the night

Volunteers Glen,Jo,Karen,Brian,Stephanie,Tom and Dave

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  1. Great fotos there GB, wonder who took em?

    Many thanks for a great stay at Maroo. Catch you later when I get home.