Ivy Western Ringtail Possum

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Maroo's Regional Wildlife Vet Program

Maroo Wildlife Refuge was successful in receiving a PWC [PriceWaterhouseCooper] grant to start our Regional Wildlife Vet Program and A Great Big "Thank You" goes out to them.
This consists of "Giving Back" valued Journals and Medical Books to Regional Veterinary practices that give so much to Wildlife.

A snippet from the local paper.
Our 1st recipient and congratulations went to Dog Rock Veterinary Hospital in Albany.
From the left Jo Burston RVN [Maroo], Laura Wilson RVN, Dr Tony Dent, and Glen Burston [Maroo]

Our 2nd Recipient went to Manjimup Veterinary Clinic.
Seen here at our presentation night from the left Jo Burston RVN [Maroo], Julie Leggett RVN and Dr Sam Wright [on the Right].

Our Display on the night

Volunteers Glen,Jo,Karen,Brian,Stephanie,Tom and Dave

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Goodbye Davo

Well it's been 3 weeks and the English Man has now departed back to Blackool in the UK.
After trecking somewhere between the distance betweein India and Los Angeles, being bailed up by not 1 but 2 emus [at the same time], Fullfilling one of his dreams of seeing a Numbat in the WILD! [Yes it was also authenticated by another person] he now has 1800 or more photos to sort through.
Safe Travelling home.
I am sure he will have lots to post on his Blog on his return http://www.lalows.blogspot.com.au/

                                                 Base Camp for the Duration of his stay.
Dinner fresh Marron on the Hotplate.....

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

He has Arrived

Maroo has a new Visitor. The internationally renowned Dave Mcgrath [and committee] member all the way from the UK. Dave has 3 weeks R+R down under and is giving a talk on sustainability in Manjimup on the 21st of September. He is residing at the refuge and will be put to good use.
He is also an avid photographer.

                                         Being welcomed by the local Fauna

and Flora.....