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Monday, August 6, 2012

Joey Enclosure Continues

Brian [our Vice Chairman] popped down to assist with the Joey run fencing.
These are a post and rail type and we are using fallen logs of Jarrah and Marri from around the refuge.
Here he is contemplating on how to make a bent bush pole look straight..did it work? We gotta use what we got.
The Box End taking shape seems the local wildlife want to take on the new Site Supervisors position as it is still vacant.
The completed Box End
The view from the back of the Run
Seems "Someone" took a photo of "Somebody" sleeping on the Job!

Just to let you all know Some of the People that work here at the refuge-- but somehow I can't put a face to them----
-Someone did that
-Somebody Else did that
-I didn't do it
-Who did that
-It wasn't me

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