Ivy Western Ringtail Possum

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Reptile Enclosure

Here is Eliza -- her project was to fit out the enclosure how she would think a Reptile would like its habitat to be. She is holding Rodney the baby bobtail as well.
She scored very highly from her Teacher Jo.

And here is Jo showing all the covers open  

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Kevin's Audio Release 2nd Track

Brother Kevin [remember him] digging trenches not long ago well last night he recorder his second track for his impending CD release later in the year. This track named "A Little Ditty about Driving to Glen and Jo's farm" takes in the townsites you have to go through to get there..

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Wildlife Rescue Magazine Issue 4

Please check out issue number 4 of the now Renamed Willdife Rescue Magazine. With 150 pages of information and a great read.
http://www.wildliferescuemagazine.com/ is where you go to.
There are also past issues available and all are a "Free Dowload" so get downloading....

Friday, July 6, 2012

Phascogale fossiking

The Refuge was happy to house a Phascogale for a week whilst it's eyes, that had ulcers, were healing. Although very hard to photo as they are nocturnal, we did set up the Stealth cam up to see how he was feeding. check it out..
They are carnivorous and enjoy all manner of Bugs.
Here he is feeding on meal worms, chicken necks and earthworms. YUM...
He was released Thursday by our local DEC officer back into the Wild from where he came from.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Maroo Power Company?

Life goes on at the refuge and without our Site Supervisor it is very quiet.
Here is our New Selectronic Pro all installed and running.
For the technical ones amoungst us it turns 24v Battery power [1100amps] to240v [Mains Type] power. So ---
The solar panels produce approx 90V to charge the batteries [at 24v] via a MPPT controller.
The Batteries store the energy required much like the grid.
Then the SP Pro inverter uses that stored power [24v] and changes it to 240v so that we can run all the appliances, heat box's and any thing else that requires 240v power for the Refuge. It also has a battery charger built in, so on those long dark cloudy days we can start the Bio-Diesel generator up. The SP Pro has intelligence built in [Bit scary] so that it knows that when the Generator is running it uses all the available power to either supply the Refuge with 240v Power or/and as well as, charge the batteries.
Thems smart peoples at Seletronic and all Aussie Made as well.
www.selectronic.com.au check em out.
I must also say Thanks to the 12 Volt Shop as well as without their knowlege, Kind understanding and "Great Customer Service" we may have gone elsewhere. Thanks to Sue and all the crew for the help and assistance http://www.12volt.com.au/ . All the critters are kept toasty warm.

The Rest of the Gear all marked am I glad where and what it all does.

The SP pro is connected to the computer so it can advise me of all the electron going ons...pretty cool stuff.