Ivy Western Ringtail Possum

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A very sad day today

Today we said goodbye to our Site Supervisor "Ellie" who sadly passed away this morning. A very special soul has left us, but is still in our Hearts and will be remembered until time stops.

I will miss her coming to the shed, or wherever I was working, and telling me when morning smoko or lunch was ready, Barking orders at me when things were not being built the way "She" wanted me to-- maybe she was trying to tell me "there is an easier way". But I did not speak her language and informed her of that may a time.
Her way of always listing to what her Mum was talking to her about [who she followed around everywhere] with those kind ears and always ready for a hug no matter what time of day it was, yes her mum will miss her the most.
A very unique individual and today even the Clouds were crying with her passing.
And just to let us know, as she was returned to the Earth, a large clap of thunder surrounded the Refuge [Honestly!] and I think it was her way of letting us know that she had arrived--what better a way to tell us.

Rest in Peace our little Princess.

"Ellie" ?---20th June 2012 [A Lady never tells her Age]

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A Truck Load of Gear

Thanks Goes to "Farmer Richard" for the loan of his 8T truck and his time away from the farm to help collect a "Truck Load" of Gear for the Refuge. The load was arranged from a Lottery West grant for enclosure materials that are very much needed at the Refuge.
Richard also Drove his Tractor to unload it all.
The Truckers --Richard is on the Right
Can you see our navigator "Chance" in the passenger seat?  
We here at the Refuge would also like to thank the following Companies for their help
-Ross's Salvage http://www.discount.com.au/ for Patio Tube.
-Stratco www.stratco.com.au for the Roofing Iron.
-DCW Enterprises http://www.dcwenterprises.com.au/ for all the Wire, Mesh, Brackets and Feed Bowls and especially for the Cup of Coffee we needed for the return trip.
Please support these companies as they have supported us.
The whole trip was an 16 hour treck.


Thursday, June 7, 2012

Gates Being Used

Remember those Kangaroo Swing Gates the Volunteers installed. Well here are some great shots of them being used. Photos taken By Arthur Ferguson on their relaxing weekend break down at the refuge with baby Jake!.

                                                             Now whats this
Seems to swing open
Tuck the ears back
Bend and Extend
And Bounce away Easy!
Maroos Newest Member Baby Jake