Ivy Western Ringtail Possum

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Weve got Wind !

Not that Wind but a "Wind Turbine" has now been installed. Keeping the Refuge as Sustainable as possible with our energy requirements. It's only a small one at 200w @ 24V but will help in winter when the sun does not shine and there is a steady Breeze to top the batteries up..there is also a Bio Diesel 4.5kw Generator as emergency Back-up. 

The Refuge is now running on all 12x190W [2.2kw total output] panels through an Apollo T80 Solar MPPT Charger. This charger is extremly efficient in using a Higher Voltage in from the solar array of approx 90V to charge the Battery bank at 24V.
Yesterday was our Biggest Generation of power usually 6-8kw/hr as it was 36 degrees very hot and we were running the Airconditioner most of the day. Yes you can run airconditioning on solar. and Being 37 today it will be on again.  The Vegies are going great and the growth is somewhat outstanding. See what can happen when you use Organic methods.


  1. yep soon be ready to harvest warm weather for growing at the moment 35+ days....