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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

What a Sight !!!

Well the Refuge was privileged today to see a flock of 50 or more Carnaby White tailed Black cockatoos. I was on my way down to the dam to fill the firefighting trailer when the flock flew above my head and into the Gum trees. What a sight to see. A quick count totalled 50 or more individuals --well they never stay still long enought o count them all now do they! all making a ruckus and eating the marri nuts that are so plentifull down this way. Heres a shot of them in the dead marri overlooking the Refuge.
Sorry that the shots are not closer but a don't have a fancy zoom lens like one Dave at Lancashire and Outback Safaris HAS!.
The Refuge also had another Visitor a Magnificent Wedge Tailed Eagle youngster. He was looking at me looking at him--throught the Homestead window view I have whilst sitting at the computer doing WORK. Looks like Mum and Dad have left him to go about his business as he is a big boy now.

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