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Friday, January 20, 2012

A thank you to Laura

Maroo would like to say Farewell and Thanks to Laura for her help the last week.
Laura was one of the volunteers that came down prior to Christmas.She really wanted to return and a trip back was arranged for her to stop by for a week. Although we had days at temperatures of 35 degrees and with a great Thunderstorm and a Summer shower on her last night she was able to do some painting to the Education room, help with sorting and stacking all the gear for the Wildlife Clinic as well as feeding the Marron and digging a Trench with Digga the Excavator.
Oh by the way Laura I have now changed out all that Kangaroo Gas out of the Ernie the 4x4 Suzuki....
and he has now stopped all that Jumping about when you were driving....
From all of Us at Maroo have a Fantastic Stay in Aus and get back to the UK safe and sound.

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