Ivy Western Ringtail Possum

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Batten down the Hatches

Last nights storm was a doozie. 6mm of rain and an electrical storm to power the likes of Perth for a Year....All critters were snug and sound in their enclosures.
As the night storm approached at about 6.30pm and lasted well past 11pm.
It was a very slow moving electrical storm and here are some shots of the action.
Does this 1st one look like a hand?

 These 3 taken in sequence

 High Up Power

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Merry Christmas to all

He Nose it Xmas
To our Friends, Sponsers, Volunteers, Supporters and followers. Merry Christmas from all of Us here at Maroo Wildlife Refuge.
Thank you for following us and Big thank you for all your support.
Bring on 2013 and also have a safe New Year.

To Our wonderful "Burston Blue Teat" Customers for your continued support this year it is very much appreciated.  If it wasn't for you our Refuge would not be the success it is.
Thank you all again, health and happiness to you and all the special wildife that comes in to your lives.


Thursday, December 20, 2012

Not a bad View

Sitting at the computer musing on the days toil and lo and behold a Mother hops past with Joey at foot. The window overlooks the back 110 acres. Not a bad office view......
She has come in from the wild to eat the clover around the fruit trees as its summer now and the grasses are no longer green.
On further inspection she also has a Joey in the Pouch --check out the little head popping out.
Yep not much computer work being done.....

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Training Days 2013

Check out our 2013 Training Days on the right.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Good things come in Packages

Have a look at the Numbat Cards we received in the mails today. These are done by the very Talented illustrator, Graphic Designer, Cartoon Animator and Chalkboard Artist [he was good with the blackboards at school too] and Friend to Wildlife "Peter Lake".
For anything that you would like illustrated send Peter an email at peterlakeart@hotmail.com and I am sure he will be able to help you as he helped us---- go on get in contact with him.
Thanks Peter and to his Partner Vicki for thinking of Us.

The Numbat [Cute as they are] is the Western Australian Emblem and is also an Endangered Species They are now only found in the South West of Western Australia and solely eat Termites [YUM!]. Up to 20,000 a day WOW! Loss of habitat through land clearing and introduced predators contine to threaten the long term survival of these magnificient animals.

These Cards will be used for the Refuges fundraising activities. Want some? drop us a line at maroowildliferefuge@bigpond.com and we will wisk some away to you for a small cost.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Colouring in Cockies

You will see a New Page on the right with--- Colouring in Cockies.
These are great colouring in sheets for everyone to try out. The link takes you to the WA Museum and down the bottom are the PDF pages you can download and print out and it's all free!.
Thanks goes to Cockatoo Care, Urban Bushland and the WA Museum.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Mr Wedgetail Eagle makes a Visit to the refuge and hangs around for a picture shoot!.

Friday, November 2, 2012


A Baby Kookaburra seen hanging around the Refuge. Mum and dad are doing a good job feeding him.

And the back view very colourful

Monday, October 29, 2012

Who is hanging onto who

When checking the mail this afternoon guess what I found up a tree?
Can you see the Tree hanging onto the monitor or is it the other way around....He was a good 1200mm long.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Weve struck G....

That got your attention didn't it. Well not GOLD but GRAVEL.
Yep that small rocky stuff that is hard to find, unless you pay for it well the Refuge now has its own Gravel Pit!!..and its only 70m from the Man's shed!.

Yep I am happy as chudich munching on a chicken bone-- cause its great. No more are we at the mercy of the building suppliers. I can use this for almost everything from Concrete mix's, Pathways and drainage for enclosures. Woo Hoo....

Don't worry I have put aside the topsoil and when we have enough out of the pit it will be put back on and the area will be revegetated. Sustainable we are..

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Meet Donald

Say hello to Donald he is a Ring Tail Possum of 125gms. This will be the refuges 4th Ring Tail to come into care. He is from the Manjimup area. [One of the Locals]. A very well behaved possum at that even though he has lost his Mum. He is lapping well and is now in his heat box at a very comfortable temperature. When he reaches approx 850-900gms he will be released.

How Much can an Emu Eat?

A Blinking lot is all I can say. This is a 14" [355mm] diameter plate that he gets in the morning and at night. Glad the Vege garden is producing lots of greens and are well eaten up.
Not to forget the Mealworms bugs and Herbivore pellets he also gets.
Sadly the smaller of the 2 emu chicks had to be put to sleep. She came in with a wobbly leg and X'Rays showed a malformed knee joint and being such a large bird, when at adult stage, she would not have been able to use it.
Emu is alone now but is Happy and content.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Probus Denmark

The Refuge was invited down to Denmark [South weste of Western Australia not the other Denmark] as a guest Speaker.
I made the drive down [with Rodney our Education baby Bobtail] and was welcomed by approx 50 people wow! what a great turnout . The presentation went well and the Probus group are now more aware of the plight of our unique Wildlife. A great write up is in their monthly newsletter  http://denprobclub.freewebspace.com/custom2.html
It has been some time since I was down Denmark and I must say it is a thriving community and very Picturesque town.
Go Probus!

Some of the big group
 Our Display table sorry no photos of me its a bit hard to take ones self photo..

Friday, October 5, 2012

Out of the Kaos

Yep that's right been busy again I have been.
With the help of a DEC Environmental Community Grant and Sales of Burston Blue Teats has transformed
Drum roll please ....... Ta Daaaaaa
TO THIS!.........Maroo Wildlife Refuge's "NEW" Clinic Room.....

This Grant has helped make all the difference now when we receive injured Wildlife.
Jo now has all her bandages and treatments all nicely packed into the Cupboards.
Easy access around the Treatment table and plenty of bench tops.
Some Painting of the walls and floor coverings are still needed [when funds available] but are not hindering us in any way, and just in time for the spring influx.
I deserve some homemade Scones, Jam and Cream and guess what-- that's whats cooking right now.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

More Great work

The Refuge has received 2 Emu Chicks. Yep WAY bigger than chooks I can tell ya. And Very Very Cute....

Where to put them?
Lucky Super Tom [Seriously he was on the Model T assembly line] and his Caped crusader Brian were here. We had an Emu enclosure up in a DAY!!!
Thanks Heaps Guys for all your hard work. Yes I helped Too!!! Guess who had to take all the Photos...
Even the Tea Ladies lent a hand.
[Yes I ducked the 4x2 for that comment]
The completed Enclosure

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Maroo's Regional Wildlife Vet Program

Maroo Wildlife Refuge was successful in receiving a PWC [PriceWaterhouseCooper] grant to start our Regional Wildlife Vet Program and A Great Big "Thank You" goes out to them.
This consists of "Giving Back" valued Journals and Medical Books to Regional Veterinary practices that give so much to Wildlife.

A snippet from the local paper.
Our 1st recipient and congratulations went to Dog Rock Veterinary Hospital in Albany.
From the left Jo Burston RVN [Maroo], Laura Wilson RVN, Dr Tony Dent, and Glen Burston [Maroo]

Our 2nd Recipient went to Manjimup Veterinary Clinic.
Seen here at our presentation night from the left Jo Burston RVN [Maroo], Julie Leggett RVN and Dr Sam Wright [on the Right].

Our Display on the night

Volunteers Glen,Jo,Karen,Brian,Stephanie,Tom and Dave

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Goodbye Davo

Well it's been 3 weeks and the English Man has now departed back to Blackool in the UK.
After trecking somewhere between the distance betweein India and Los Angeles, being bailed up by not 1 but 2 emus [at the same time], Fullfilling one of his dreams of seeing a Numbat in the WILD! [Yes it was also authenticated by another person] he now has 1800 or more photos to sort through.
Safe Travelling home.
I am sure he will have lots to post on his Blog on his return http://www.lalows.blogspot.com.au/

                                                 Base Camp for the Duration of his stay.
Dinner fresh Marron on the Hotplate.....

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

He has Arrived

Maroo has a new Visitor. The internationally renowned Dave Mcgrath [and committee] member all the way from the UK. Dave has 3 weeks R+R down under and is giving a talk on sustainability in Manjimup on the 21st of September. He is residing at the refuge and will be put to good use.
He is also an avid photographer.

                                         Being welcomed by the local Fauna

and Flora.....

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Friday 21st September 2012
5.45pm for 6pm start
The Top Notch Cafe
Edwards Street Manjimup

Hear about informative and inspiring trends in sustainability from Dave McGrath Sustainability Manager at the Solaris Centre,  Blackpool..U.K.
Maroo Wildlife Refuge display and  talk on Maroo's eco friendly foot print.
Regional Vet Program presentations.

R.S.V.P.  19th September - 9334-0251 community.involvement@dec.wa.gov.au

Light supper will be served at conclusion

Gold coin donation on the night in support of Maroo Wildlife Refuge
Come and join us for an informative and inspring evening.

Training Days

Our Training days have just been updated so check the pages on the right for upcoming courses.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Joey Enclosure Continues

Brian [our Vice Chairman] popped down to assist with the Joey run fencing.
These are a post and rail type and we are using fallen logs of Jarrah and Marri from around the refuge.
Here he is contemplating on how to make a bent bush pole look straight..did it work? We gotta use what we got.
The Box End taking shape seems the local wildlife want to take on the new Site Supervisors position as it is still vacant.
The completed Box End
The view from the back of the Run
Seems "Someone" took a photo of "Somebody" sleeping on the Job!

Just to let you all know Some of the People that work here at the refuge-- but somehow I can't put a face to them----
-Someone did that
-Somebody Else did that
-I didn't do it
-Who did that
-It wasn't me

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Joey enclosure

Work starts on the New Joey Enclosure. Make sure the ground is level and has adequate drainage.
Never a Dull moment and I am glad I am not scared of heights.
Well I am on the second run on the
Ladder... Phew!
Installing the Entrance door [Left] and the Door to the
Outdoor Run on the Right [to be fenced yep more work]. Ground netted wire has also been laid to stop anything digging in or out.
Seems the local wildlife has a vested interest too-- Photo taken during Smoko having a Billy Tea and home made bikkies.
Enclosure part almost done. Notice the pile of equipment getting smaller..    
All the Refuge's Enclosures are designed to be "Multi-Use". [As I build them]
As we do not know what will be in care at any given time, it will be good to have these enclosures set up all ready to go.
The enclosure has a Wired Roof as we do have Wedge Tailed Eagles nesting near and this will deter them from getting to an easy meal.
The farthest end is enclosed and has hanging areas for pouched young.


Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Reptile Enclosure

Here is Eliza -- her project was to fit out the enclosure how she would think a Reptile would like its habitat to be. She is holding Rodney the baby bobtail as well.
She scored very highly from her Teacher Jo.

And here is Jo showing all the covers open