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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Stats for Milyeannup National Park

Slim Pickings for this Brush Tailed Wallaby on Stewart Road

Ok Here are our Stats-

Time              Animal                                             Location

4.45pm         Long Necked Tortoise                   Jangardup Road Just North of Lake Jasper
Crossing Road Burnt Bush area, Examined Carapace, Scoots that were shedding were slightly singed but otherwise all Ok , released into Wetlands 400m down the road

5.00pm         BTW [Brush Tail Wallaby]            Stewart Road Just North of Pneumonia Road          
Feeding On Strip of Road as all other Bush Burnt Out. Looked in Good Condition

5.10pm         2 x BTW                                             Same as Above

5.11pm         3 x BTW                                             Same as Above

5.15pm         5 x BTW                                             Turned Right onto Great South Road [Heading East]approx. 100m down the road.
Animal Conditions Same as above

5.20pm         4 x BTW                                             Great South Road Same as Above

All Burt along Stewart Road.

Stewart Road to Darradup Road along Great South Road Burnt.

East and North of Darradup Road was unburnt up to Brockman Highway. Side Tracks Closed though

We went down Jangardup Road to Lake Jasper but Just Before we got there The VFB were closing the rest of the way and the Dozer was getting loaded.

Vasse Highway uneventful no wildlife on road.

Graphite Road was Burt in some areas but no wildlife on Road.

Summary of Day

-Believe the best time to see Wildlife Early Morning or Early Evening [Dawn and Dusk] as Wildlife are more Likely to be out and about.

-These areas had plenty of water around.

-Stewart Road only food available on Road Verge

-Great South Road pockets of food available is small areas. Access to food Further East  3-5kms away.

-Best speed for Viewing Wildlife 25-30kms/Hr

-No Dec [Department of Environment or Conservation] or Fesa [Fire and Emergency Services Authority of Western Australia] Seen other than at Command Post on Vasse Hwy.

-No Unauthorised entry into any location carried out. We stuck to Public access roads only.

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