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Friday, December 2, 2011

"Caravan Wanted Plea"

Prior to the Margaret River fires I placed various ads for a Caravan wanted for a Wildlife Emergency Care Unit. This has now become more important than ever so my call goes out to anyone reading Maroos Blog.
If they have a Caravan of approx 16ft [or smaller] Preferabally licenced in reasonable condition [that you can stand up in] that I can fit out the inside to our requirements we would be Gratfully Appreciative if it could be donated to the Refuge.
We are aware that the busselton FAWNA group are looking for a fitted out Trailer and we are fully supportive of their efforts and Maroo will assit to make that happen as well.
But Maroo is 2+ hours away and a Caravan would compliment coverage in the Warren/Great Southern Region..one of the adds can be seen on
It will take time to happen but we are confident as there is always someone out there that cares just as much as we do for our Wildlife.

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