Ivy Western Ringtail Possum

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year

Well just after Santa Has been and left all his pressies and we have just cleaned up the Boomer Poo from the rooftop "NewsYears Eve" is Upon us.....

Now, as every one knows, Santa changes from Reindeer to Six White Boomers when he transverses the Continent of Aussie Land and lots of Roo Poo is left everywhere, even on our roof and at the back door.
Wheres the broom Dear!

Where does the time go?
To All our wonderful Supporters, Family, Friends and Wildlife in Care.
Hopping [Yes Misspelt on purpose] you all had a wonderful Christmas.
Wishing you all a safe and prosperous New Year from all of us at Maroo Wildlife Refuge

We lookforward to your continued support and well wishes throughout 2012.
We have some great plans coming....
Love as always
Glen and Jo Burston
P.s. The site supervisor is snoring in the background. Again!

Gilbert says "I Nose what ya Mean!!!!!!".....

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Conservation Volunteers

Our Thanks go to www.conservationvolunteers.com.au for the work that has Just been done at the Refuge and at Margart River Fire sites.

Explaining to some of the group the importance of installing Kangaroo Swing Gates into the Perimiter Fencing to allow the wild Kangaroo Mob to enter the Refuge Easily and without getting caught in the fence. Thus eliminating the need for ongoing Fence maintenance.

Simon, Sunny [from South Korea] and yours Truly after the installation of Gate 1 [of 3 required].  Yes Simon did get dirty..
The Bogun Dugong gate. Those that installed them will know the relevence. :)
We now have 5 gates Installed around the Perimeter Fencing.

Mr Tom the 70 [well late 69er] MACHINE. This bloke should be a role model to all the elderly challenged to get out there and experience life. His Experience, Knowledge and his awe inspiring conversations were a joy to be recogned with. His Face is covered for the protection of the innocent. Tom made sure that there was always enought Hot Water for the Ladies and kept all the Critters at bay during the night. I am sure he sleeps with BOTH Eyes Open. 
                               The First Evening walk we viewed the Lighning Struck Jarrah Tree.
                                                                    Camp David.
Putting feed out at one of the feed stations at Margaret River 
One of the many unlucky
                                         Day 4 Packing up for the Return Trip back to Perth.

Maybe the Marron for supper and the Bush night walks helped to say Thank You for the volunteers Time, The Volunteers Efforts and also Supporting the Refuge.
Glen and Jo

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Getting there

The Dynamic Duo have been hard at it today.

Inbetween Showers and the Flies. Flies that I may add are "Sticky" as Honey to you.

Oh Site Supervisor Ellie has moved away from the Home Fire and is seen here checking out the Work. And whats that Gilbert is Giving Jo a Hug?? never had believed it without a Photo to prove it...

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Taking Shape

Well it has started to take shape. Our Education room is well under way.
Thanks go to "Barney" and "Rubble" [their real names can't be given as in their off time they are Super Heros] who are working diligently to get the Job Done. They don't stop even when it rains...

Gilbert the apprentice was looking at a Tree.

We had 22mm of Rain in under 15 minutes just after the dynamic Duo left.
I think their Spidey senses were tingling..

Site supervisor Elle was asleep [Again] in front of the wood stove in the Homestead.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Jo's Tree

I thought I would throw this photo in. A bewdiful Jarrah of an unknown old age situated in amoungst the 14ha of Blue gums we have on the Refuge.
When the small Plantation went in they went around this old Great Giant [with thanks].
Takes 3 people to Hug it and the Kangaroo's enjoy it's cool shade in summer.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Thank you to Generous People

Yes a Great Big Thank you goes to Kathy and Peter Burgess from Denmark [Western Australia] who donated Proceeds from a Painting of a Red Tailed Black Cockatoo, painted by the renowned Artist Ian Williams from Waternish on the Isle of Skye [ ian.williams83@btinternet.com ], and thats a really long way from from the Refuge, that allowed the Cockatoo enclosure to be Compled.
There are some Great people out there in support of our Unique Wildlife.

The Enclosure
under construction and completion.

Front View

Preperation and Weighing Bench

Side View 

Feed Station

And later some Perches etc

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Fire Updates

Some Fawna Volunteers with Jeff [Fawna President] were out on one of the Properties that we were Allowed to go onto to search.

From out of the Death

Life is Found.

and Transported.

to be released into a more freindy and hospitable area.

And so does the Bush starts to regrow from the ashes.


Wednesday, December 7, 2011

It has to be shown

Sorry but this HAS to be shown. This poor Animal met a death it did not deserve.
What about the others? How will their stories be told?

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

After the Fires

Well its Official from the Govt.
Just how much area was burnt  The total Area for the Milyeannup [Nannup area] and Ellensbrook [Margaret River] was 55,151ha + 3,620ha with respective perimiters of 201kms and 66kms. Hows that for an out of control "controlled" burns.

Ellensbrook Stats -32 Homes, 9 Chalets, 4 Sheds as well as the historic Wallcliffe House, which actually had a complete fire supression system installed but the Caretaker was not allowed onto the fire ground to activate it!! were destroyed. 22 Houses and 1 shop were damaged.

Unbelievably nothing on the loss of Wildlife-- aren't they the Department of Environment and Conservation? [D.E.C].. How many colonies of Possums were lost, how many mobs of Kangaroos Lost, Brush Tail Wallabies Lost? How many Reptiles Lost? Birds can fly away but who now have a huge loss of Habitat.
Thousands of Wildlife Incinerated!
The few that remain Burnt and in pain does the Government do anything for them? No!.
Will us Wildlife Rehabilitators be able to fill in a claim form NO!
Its up to us Rehabilitators to use our Funds and Donations that we have to try as hard as we can to get to pay for the cost of rehabilitation and not just for this Incident.
You the Public have Donated your Time, your Money and for the purchase of Medical Equipment and supplies all because you have the Kindness to and we all give thanks for that for without You
"The Public" things would be less. THANK YOU!
Please don't get me wrong we love what we do and will do it until the day I get to that big paddock of Wildlife that could not be saved [Its bloody bigger now!].
You know the DEC "Stated" that no Veterinarian bills would be paid for by the DEC for Injured Wildlife on the day we went out searching. Lucky for them I suppose they had already fixed that.
Oh and also we are still not allowed onto the fire ground and effected areas to search.

This fight goes on not just today but tomorrow and the next and the next as there are still Wildlife that need food and support and without us Rehabilitators who else do they Have?

Am I on my soapbox you betchya I am. "I need a Hug"...

Monday, December 5, 2011

A Personal Thank You

Maroo would like to Personally send out a special "Thank You" to Jeff and Linda Falconer both of FAWNA who were overseeing the Margaret River Fires. It takes special people to have the Leadership and Integrity to hold the group together in a Time of Need. Under the cicumstances these 2 came to the call of the situation and with what they had, have done a Fantastic Job.

Maroo is glad that we have been able to see these People in action and are Proud to also be part of the Organisation that they belong to.

From all the Wildlife that is in care and that is still coming in, they can't say anything but to recover and be able to be released back into the Bush that is what we all aim to do.
Both will take time, wounds heal and the bush will regrow. Both together "Hopefully" allowing us to release back to where they came from. Sadly due to the Extensive nature of this disaster it will take the bush longer to recover than some of its patients.

Well done to Jeff and Linda from all of us at Maroo Wildlife Refuge. Charlie says Thanks as well....
Jeff Re-hydrating a Possum from a Land for Wildlife Property
at  Margaret River [Monday] and then passed onto the Vets.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Stats for Milyeannup National Park

Slim Pickings for this Brush Tailed Wallaby on Stewart Road

Ok Here are our Stats-

Time              Animal                                             Location

4.45pm         Long Necked Tortoise                   Jangardup Road Just North of Lake Jasper
Crossing Road Burnt Bush area, Examined Carapace, Scoots that were shedding were slightly singed but otherwise all Ok , released into Wetlands 400m down the road

5.00pm         BTW [Brush Tail Wallaby]            Stewart Road Just North of Pneumonia Road          
Feeding On Strip of Road as all other Bush Burnt Out. Looked in Good Condition

5.10pm         2 x BTW                                             Same as Above

5.11pm         3 x BTW                                             Same as Above

5.15pm         5 x BTW                                             Turned Right onto Great South Road [Heading East]approx. 100m down the road.
Animal Conditions Same as above

5.20pm         4 x BTW                                             Great South Road Same as Above

All Burt along Stewart Road.

Stewart Road to Darradup Road along Great South Road Burnt.

East and North of Darradup Road was unburnt up to Brockman Highway. Side Tracks Closed though

We went down Jangardup Road to Lake Jasper but Just Before we got there The VFB were closing the rest of the way and the Dozer was getting loaded.

Vasse Highway uneventful no wildlife on road.

Graphite Road was Burt in some areas but no wildlife on Road.

Summary of Day

-Believe the best time to see Wildlife Early Morning or Early Evening [Dawn and Dusk] as Wildlife are more Likely to be out and about.

-These areas had plenty of water around.

-Stewart Road only food available on Road Verge

-Great South Road pockets of food available is small areas. Access to food Further East  3-5kms away.

-Best speed for Viewing Wildlife 25-30kms/Hr

-No Dec [Department of Environment or Conservation] or Fesa [Fire and Emergency Services Authority of Western Australia] Seen other than at Command Post on Vasse Hwy.

-No Unauthorised entry into any location carried out. We stuck to Public access roads only.

A Nannup Bushfire Survivor

Whilst the Maroo Rescue Vehicle was out checking for Willdife after the Recent Nannup fires we came across this fellow [Long Necked Tortoise] trying to get to water. He was on the side of the road right in the fire areas. See Below how he got there?

Examination showed that his Scoots on his Carapace were shedding and were slightly singed but otherwise he was all ok.

A nice watering hole was located just up the road so we did him the honour of a brief transport FOC of course, and without so much of a wink, off he went to the depths.
We got that good feeling you get when helping Willdife. 
After so much devastation.
In under a week our Rescue Vehicle has Travelled over 1,000kms and all for a good cause. 

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Lets Have some Good News

Agro Gets Bigger Every Day. He Loves his hollow in his enclosure and below is enjoying a crunchie bit of Broccoli. One of his Favourites but not too often as he is now on Bush Tucker.

Still a little bit longer until he is released back into the Bush but his Brush Tail is looking Supurb.

Friday, December 2, 2011

"Caravan Wanted Plea"

Prior to the Margaret River fires I placed various ads for a Caravan wanted for a Wildlife Emergency Care Unit. This has now become more important than ever so my call goes out to anyone reading Maroos Blog.
If they have a Caravan of approx 16ft [or smaller] Preferabally licenced in reasonable condition [that you can stand up in] that I can fit out the inside to our requirements we would be Gratfully Appreciative if it could be donated to the Refuge.
We are aware that the busselton FAWNA group are looking for a fitted out Trailer and we are fully supportive of their efforts and Maroo will assit to make that happen as well.
But Maroo is 2+ hours away and a Caravan would compliment coverage in the Warren/Great Southern Region..one of the adds can be seen on
It will take time to happen but we are confident as there is always someone out there that cares just as much as we do for our Wildlife.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

It has Started

With everything else happening our Education Room Started Today. Windows arrived followed by the works team.  Site Preperation in progress and will advise on the job at it evolves.

Don't worry if we have to attend another emergency the Building crew have had a brief how to feed the Animals in Care.

More Fires

As if we do not have enough to contend with fires are now burning South West of Nannup, Augusta,
Lake Jasper and Donnely River.

Margaret River fires provided some very good insights of Wildife Triage and Volunteer Co-ordination both of which worked extremly well but can always be improved. How does the old saying go be prepared. I can not stress this enough if you are in a Wildlife Organization please practice-- have your Volunteer sheets Ready, Maps and Co-ordinators-- make is so much easier. We all worked well together as a "Team" and if we needed something it was done in a calm and co-ordinated matter not bad for our 1st Time. All that came a big thank you for your Time and patience.