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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Power Shed

Guess what i picked up the other Day. The "Maroo Power Company" Shed that is. Think of Ikea of the Shed world. Woo Hoo Jo says as this will clear up the Wildlife Clinic of Batteries and Inverters and Chargers. Just to put it into perspective we are on Solar Power. "Off the Grid" no bills from ANY power company. Currently 6 of the 12 panels are giving us all our Power needs.
We can cook Bread {Yum}, do the washing, etc and run a few heat lamps for the Baby Wildlife but is just managing and need a safety factor for those extended wintery days. Coming into summer it won't be as concerning but I need this up and running before winter. With the Power Shed I can increase the capacity to the full potential. And spring brings in more wildlife.
The Kit Shed Goes together. Oh and then it starts to Rain and Rain and Rain...and then the Big Fella upstairs decides to play Bowl's, with huge amounts of Thunder and Lightning!!!!!that slows the worker [Me!] down and I don't fancy getting frizzled. The Electrical storms are awesome in the Bush.Crisp air and clean skies....and Yes that's another cement floor I poured as well.
I can hear the water Tanks filling. NICE!


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