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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Fires in the SouthWest

It looks that at least 40 homes and Chalets have been destroyed in the tourist area of Margaret River.

This fire was a controlled DEC burn that on monday at Gracetown winds fanned it out of control. Many roads have been closed and residents have been evacuated to the local Shelter.

Also over 26,000 hectares have been burnt out south East of Nannup luckily this is in State Forest and no housing developments but home to many species of Wildlife.

Another fire at Denmark see on the Below Nasa satellite image on the right hand corner and is still burning.

All the fires will have devastating effect on the Wildife and the ecosystems that are there. Our Local South West care group fawna [Maroo are members of] have been advised that it may not be until monday that inspections for injured Wildlife can be carried out in the Margaret River areas.

Maroo also was on alert as there was another fire 25kms nort of us in KIngston forest that was a small fire and was contained but not until 30 hectares had been burnt.

Our heat goes out to all thos have have lost property and posessions.

Luckily no reports of injuries or deaths have occured in all these fires.

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