Ivy Western Ringtail Possum

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

What a Day!

Part of the group of 30+ Volunteers that turned out today for Wildlife Searches.

This is what Faced us this morning a Barren Landscape. The Local and State Authorities gave us limited access to areas --what was to be found was not pleasant.
 An Early victim. Maroo arrived just in time to be sent with our Trailer and Transport box to a Western Grey that was reported injured and in a paddock. After a Safe capture here she is being worked on in the Triage area that was set up at a Private residence "Matans Galleries" and a BIG thank you goes out to Jim the owner for allowing us to use one of his Buildings.
Sadly this Doe had to be Euthanized due to the severity of the burns to her pads and Hands.

The areas had an eerieness to them. No noises only the sound of wind passing through burnt bush's.
Some wildlife had escaped whilst others were not so fortunate and we do hope that the end came quickly for those animals.

It could be another week or 2 before access is given to enter some of the other areas.

Our co-ordination was a team effort and worked extremly well.

It's been a very long day i'm tired and going to bed!.
Thank you for your thoughts and those that have helped in any small way we really do appreciate it.
No pleasant dreams tonight I fear....

Monday, November 28, 2011

At the Ready

The Maroo Rescue Vehicle and Emergency Responce Trailer is ready to roll.

A word from the South West President of Fawna who is Heading the incident control management.
Dear friends
I am glad people like Peter got a sleep yesterday after long shifts at the engine room. I am struggling with only minimal hours sleep and I have not had the other stresses of fumes and lives hanging off my actions and so on.
Thanks everyone out there helping in their own way, it is appreciated. We have some medical supplies coming in by donation and also we have funded local aquisitions to establish triage capability. The triage team is on the roll and thanks to all who will be in it including Flic (on mat leave). Donna through me will coordinate the process and Bev has the majority of the hardware we need at her place at the ready. I have started action on long term establishment of our resouces as this is not the last fire we will see and need a speedier response time in future.
Peter is waiting on the go ahead for the sweep through DEC channels and also hoping to be given leave to be the designated officer to head the onground action. I am talking today with the minister and some media all going well and finalising with Linda lists of who is doing what where etc. This will be out asap but in the meantime.
PLEASE "EVERYONE" CONFIRM TO LINDA BY EMAIL.. ethelmay 7@hotmail.com This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ........TODAY? This morning if possible!!.......... your availability for tues and capability for what duties you can /will do.
Things change so we need everyone who has already said yes to reconfirm and more volunteers to throw their hat in the ring to help eg Transport, caring for wildlife, veterinary experience/quals, sweep capability/willingness, other duties(collecting boxes for movement of animals, collection of pillowslips and towels and getting them ready - asking shops and the likes of vinnies etc)...everyone can do this now and it is urgent!!!!
If you can take animals, please disinfect your cages now and confirm what and how many you can take. Be prepared!!
Finally, we will have a bulletin out when we hear of action places and times so read your email before 5-00pm tonight. We may have a meeting tonight for all who will be involved if we can go tomorrow.
AND ..... I know people are doing all they can to help and it is really appreciated, BUT please let me know daily of your actions and outcomes and plans. We cannot have uncordinated action which can lead us into trouble. A smoothe operation needs coordination and as I am it, please all details to me as often as you can but at least daily! I also need to approve all actions.
Again thanks
"As you are aware there have been massive fires in the south west and especially in and around Margaret River and Nannup. FAWNA is involved as much as it can be at present and when it is safe and clear, a large number of volunteers will do walk throughs to find and deal with injured wildlife.
In the meantime any wildlife that is found by the public should be sent to a vet for an examination. There is no cost to members of the public for wildlife.The animals will then be distributed to carers for recovery work and much later release.
Due to the nature of burns, there will need to be dressings and pain killers etc. administered and an increase in the need for food foraging and other costs. Anyone can help by making a donation to FAWNA to be earmarked for emergency funds and fire relief costs. Clean towels and cages could also be a big help.
Contact FAWNA either via the web www.fawna.com.au or email or by phone if you can assist..0438 526 660. The best way to transport wildlife is in a cool car (A/C on) in a closed box or wrapped in a towel or sheets etc. Lightly sprinkled water over the towel may also help.
All help is appreciated. FAWNA volunteers will do all they can but the general public can help enormously also.
Thank you
Jeff Falconer
President FAWNA"

Sunday, November 27, 2011


Some good news Fesa advise as below:

A bushfire Watch and Act has been downgraded to ADVICE for people west of Caves Road, south of Wallcliffe Road and north of Mammoth Cave Road.
There is no threat to lives or homes. Although there is no immediate danger you need to be aware and keep up to date.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Fires Update

Nannup fire looks to be contained.
120 Bush Fire Service, Department of Environment and Conservation firefighters and contractors in 30 appliances with four dozers and two loaders are working to consolidate containment lines. The being supported by two water bombers.
Now the very sad news:
Margaret River Fires Thirty one houses, four sheds and nine chalets, including the historic Wallcliffe House, have been lost to the fire, while 16 houses and one shop have been damaged at Prevelly, Gnarabup and Redgate.
A 200 strong contingent of fire personnel from DEC, local volunteer bushfire brigades and FESA have been and will continue to be on the scene, supported by water bombers and machinery.

Some wildlife is starting to trickle in to centres but many are very badly burnt and are having to be euthinased. Registered carers will not be allowed in for some time [maybe another 2 days] into the affected areas due to the safety concerns and possible hazards that still exist. Things do not look good at this stage.

Fires in the SouthWest

It looks that at least 40 homes and Chalets have been destroyed in the tourist area of Margaret River.

This fire was a controlled DEC burn that on monday at Gracetown winds fanned it out of control. Many roads have been closed and residents have been evacuated to the local Shelter.

Also over 26,000 hectares have been burnt out south East of Nannup luckily this is in State Forest and no housing developments but home to many species of Wildlife.

Another fire at Denmark see on the Below Nasa satellite image on the right hand corner and is still burning.

All the fires will have devastating effect on the Wildife and the ecosystems that are there. Our Local South West care group fawna [Maroo are members of] have been advised that it may not be until monday that inspections for injured Wildlife can be carried out in the Margaret River areas.

Maroo also was on alert as there was another fire 25kms nort of us in KIngston forest that was a small fire and was contained but not until 30 hectares had been burnt.

Our heat goes out to all thos have have lost property and posessions.

Luckily no reports of injuries or deaths have occured in all these fires.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

What a Monster e-book

Please check out our Oversees Correspondent and Comittee member David McGrath's new ebook on Kindle. It was a trip to Maroo in Western Australia that inspired this creative genius into writing a magically wonderfull childrens book.  It is a great read and does not cost the Earth.

Please click on the link on the Right which will give you more information and where to purchase.
A proportion of the proceeds of any sales will be used for conservation projects at Maroo Wildlife Refuge so please "tell" everyone.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Enclosure Progress

The Enclosure is taking shape. Mesh is now applied to the outside and awaiting on Sheeting for the rear covered area..
I still have to make a seperate attached entrance as this will be required for security and local regulations with regards to endangered species rehabilitation.  

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Agro is Growing Up

Agro is coming along in leaps and bounds. We are now gradually weaning him off his Milk Formula and onto a more Possum orientated diet of Gum leafs and flowering native plants.
Some of his nightly antics and shows he is eating is Gum Leafs. He is such a good boy..

Monday, November 14, 2011

Its Nearing Completion

Rain Rain and a Internet Modem blowout...Yep been down with out internet for 3 days now. Was starting to get the shakes from withdrawals....Glad we have a bookcase.Why does it always happen on a Friday Night!!!!
Inbetween showers The Power shed nears completion.
Just some more flashing and the Spires to go. Oh forgot to install the Downpipes Doh!!!!

Here is a Night Stealthcam viewing of Agro's nightly antics.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Now Broadcasting on You tube

Well I had no luck on uploading videos here so lets try this one http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IDX1eBWa6L4 lets see if this works.Enjoy...

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Power Shed

Guess what i picked up the other Day. The "Maroo Power Company" Shed that is. Think of Ikea of the Shed world. Woo Hoo Jo says as this will clear up the Wildlife Clinic of Batteries and Inverters and Chargers. Just to put it into perspective we are on Solar Power. "Off the Grid" no bills from ANY power company. Currently 6 of the 12 panels are giving us all our Power needs.
We can cook Bread {Yum}, do the washing, etc and run a few heat lamps for the Baby Wildlife but is just managing and need a safety factor for those extended wintery days. Coming into summer it won't be as concerning but I need this up and running before winter. With the Power Shed I can increase the capacity to the full potential. And spring brings in more wildlife.
The Kit Shed Goes together. Oh and then it starts to Rain and Rain and Rain...and then the Big Fella upstairs decides to play Bowl's, with huge amounts of Thunder and Lightning!!!!!that slows the worker [Me!] down and I don't fancy getting frizzled. The Electrical storms are awesome in the Bush.Crisp air and clean skies....and Yes that's another cement floor I poured as well.
I can hear the water Tanks filling. NICE!


Kangaroo Kam

Does not look like the Stealth Cam worked so i have taken the post off.
Will keep trying though...