Ivy Western Ringtail Possum

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Saturday musings

We awoke this morning to a Beautifull crisp mist. Still awaking from the cool was this Moth and maybe Dave from Lancashire and Lakeland can identify.
Not soon after this little Willy Wagtail decided it was Breakfast. Minus the Bacon and Eggs. and no more moth to be seen....
It has been a beautiful day getting to 22-23 degrees and sun to warm the old joints up. All the flying ants have started their exodus from their respective nests.
Not to be outdone by the Guys and showing that the Ladies can do it just as well. Jo decided it was her time to do some trenching. After a "Safety Induction" and donning protective gear I retreated to the House. Well left to her own a very impressive Trench was well under way after I had my morning coffee and my nerves were settled. There may not be a lot of dirt in the bucket this time but rest assured it got better and fuller as the moring sun rose over the tree tops. I think I am now out of a job!

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