Ivy Western Ringtail Possum

Monday, October 31, 2011

A New Avairy/Enclosure

Work is never ending here at the Refuge! Glen is now in the process of fabricating one of many avairies/enclosures that we need.
It starts off as a fabricated panel down at the Machinery shed. Using Patio Tube, Mesh
and Brackets. He says it's fast and easy to do either that or he is just good?

One completed side

Then it gets transported to the location all safe and sound.

Here is Jo laying the Wire under the frames. This stops any unwanted Animals Digging under the Frames and getting in and we don't want that happening.
On completion this will be covered over with gravel.

One panel Going Up.

then another

and it all starts to take shape.

Finished size will be 6mx6mx2.9m High. Entrance doors still to be fabricated.
Stay Tuned for more progress in the coming week/s

The back will be covered with roofing iron and so will half of the roof.

Clearing up Before Fire Season

Our Fire Season is fast approaching and here at the Refuge we have a fire management plan. Part of that plan is clearing up and burning of the old logging piles, as well as keeping the grasses in a manageable condition.

We keep and recyle any hollows we find as they are good for nesting animals and also any useable timber is used for the Homestad heating and cooking. Some old Timber is also recycled and will also find it's way into, and part of, any of the enclosures. Oops forgot to mention fencing too.
If you look hard you can see the Firefighting unit in the background. 1,000litres and pumps all in one.


Friday, October 28, 2011

Agros Future habitat abode

Here is Agros Habitat awaiting his arrival, when he is a bit Older that is, and ready for his Next Stage of rehabilitation. [Just Finished]
Out under the Trees and away from the works. Here are a couple of his hollows he will use during the daylight hours.

Oh and how much can a little Possum eat in one night one may ask? have a look. This is as well as his Formula. And yes it is all gone in the morning.....

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Well being in the South West of Western Australia you never know where you will end up in the Rescue Vehicle...

A Mothy Visitor

Out on our Nightly inspection of the Refuge Boundary we came home not expecting a Good looking Visitor to welcome us at the Back door. 
sorry the one above is a bit blurry but i thought it was going to attack...
  Magnificent colouring though.

What was it

Yep it was a Brush Tailed Possum....Well done Dave.. nice call. His Name is "Agro" and not by nature he has settled down for feeding.

and is putting on weight. Loves the farmers wife down the roads Roses. These are old timer roses that have an old time fragrance....YUM!

Friday, October 21, 2011


The Refuge has a new Visitor. Anyone willing to have a guess?

Thursday, October 20, 2011


The Refuge, whilst helping do research work at the Perup ecology centre, found Mother and Daughter were seperated. So Maroo had a very special over night 200gram [approx 0..44 of a Pound] Guest. This is an endangered Woylie joey. The next day Mother and Daughter were happily reunited. This little Girl was a pleasure to look after for the night. She was very active in her warm hot box environment checking everything out. Sorry no TV for her either well the refuge does not have one anyway.  

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Alice's new Companion

Yes Alice is doing great. Here she is with her newest friend "Cobber". Alice's new Carer needed a companion for Cobber and they fell in Love 1st sight. Both are doing well. Now you all should know that Cobber is on the Left and Alice is on the right ok.
On a different note check this out. This is "Lauchy" a baby Bushtail Possum enjoying getting fed from his Buston Blue Teat. Sent to us from one of our Carers. 

New Sponsor

You will see our New Sponsor Outdoor World Manjimup. They will be constructing our Lotterywest Funded Education Room and also have supplied some much needed Materials for our Cockatoo Cages.
Construction will be posted soon.  Watch this Space......

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Old Timers

The Refuge was invited to go on a Vintage Rally today so why not. Dusted off the Jolly Green Giant and off we headed. I had 2 Great Navigators The Missus [on the Right] and Kim a Vet from Sydney.
So off we headed to Pemberton stopping off a Truffle Farm.
And a cyder factory. We won't say how many Kim had but she soon wanted to become a Trucker..
So can anyone Guess what the other vehicles are?

Then a run back to the refuge to feed all the animals. No we did not win the raffle or the Quiz but did have a great time. 

Alice Leaves Us

 In a nice way ok. Brush Tail wallabies need to be brought up with other Wallabies so she has gone to one of our Back up carers who fortunatly has a Boy to pair up with. Don't worry once she has settled in I will post an update. She has put on weight and is feeding very well.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

He's Back

You should remember Harry the Huntsman [as he is now called] being evicted a few days ago-- well He's back!!.
Seems outside life was foo much for him and he missed the comforts of a warm fire and free food.
Now try taking a photo of a small Saucer sized Spider in focus and Yes he is very Much alive!
He also thanks Our Sponsors..


I would like to thank our sponsors Lottery West for Financing our Education Building, Express Print for our Printing needs and our Great Logo, Outdoor World [Awaiting their logo] currently manufacturing our Buiding, Department of Environment and Conservation for their Wildlife Rehabilitator Grants. Without Sponsors Maroo could not function the way we do, get the equipment we need or most importantly Help our Wildlife..
A big Thanks go to all of them from all of us at the Refuge..

Sunday, October 9, 2011

New Products

What to do on a Rainy Sunday. Watch Holden Win Bathurst 1,2,3...woohoo
and maybe develop some new products for Wildlife Use....what better way to spend a sunday.
See Below for our New 20ml Syringe Burston Blue Teat. [These are in Trials at the Present].

Also in Trials is our New Designed "Comfort Teat". I have devised a way to inject Air into the top section making it softer for the Young to suckle on. Some Young will use these, some may not but
as they are all individuals it is up to the Carer to see if they are what is required at the time.

Please contact the Refuge if you have any questions.

Spider Removalists

Spider Spider I hear....Well its only a little [Plate Sized] Huntsman Spider looking for a meal in the Bedroom.. not here she says...and you want ME to move it... Luckily Brother Kevin was here to sort the situation out. Banished outside it was...Critters ouside Humans inside..
This is what happens when you come to Visit the Refuge.... Manual Labour at work. Gloves and Eye Protection a must. And NO he did not finish cutting the pile behind him... Something about sore shoulders and it's raining...and I need a cup of tea....oh and I did remove that spider right!!!!    

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Meet Alice

Hello world here is Alice [a Brush Tailed Wallaby] and very lucky to be here. The refuge was on our weekly trip to Town to gather Supplies and Post our Latest batch of Burston Blue Silicone Wildlife Teats. We were following the School Bus that was about 1/2 a Kilometer in front of us on the Narrow road that links us to Civilisation.
Around a bend and there was a Fully grown Brush Tailed Wallaby lying in the Middle of the Road. And they don't normally do that for good reason. We pulled up and put on our Reflective Wildlife vest [as we did not want to end up as the same fate] to check the animal. It was a female and with a large pouch - I held no hope that there was anything alive as the Bus had just gone past right over the top and I would have said no way. Then all of a sudden movement of the Pouch. Quickly we moved to the side of the road with the Deceased Mother. On full inspection there was a fully furred Joey looking back at us and a scared Bark to warn us off. Back to the Rescue Vehicle for the Wildlife Kit and a warm pouch.
Back at the Refuge she was checked over and miraculosly to be all ok and was left in a nice quiet and warm room to recover.  Here she is a week later not as scared and a long Journey begins for her to return to the wild.
Her mum was given a decent burial and a whisper in her ear that her baby was going to survive...

Monday, October 3, 2011

Whats better than a Dozen Eggs?

Well hows about a dozen Ducklings?
Mum had disappeared and the neighbours were now caring for these. Now the Neighbours went away on holidays and guess what whos looking after Who here?.



It was encouraging to see these 3 Carnaby Cockatoos [White Tailed Black Cockatoos] down in the front Paddock near the Dam. Mum, Dad and the Juvanile in the Middle. Not a bad shot from 500m full zoom on the Old Digital Kodak and one steady hand. There were a few others at the Dam but my big feet scared them off.
Here is a great shot of some Carnabys in full flight heading away from me. These truly are an amazing Cockatoo. Also on our Endangered List.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Antz and more

One of the many thousands of flying Ants.

Thats not dust on the lenz of the camera but Flying Ants. The Birds are swooping too fast to get an accurate shot.

Saturday musings

We awoke this morning to a Beautifull crisp mist. Still awaking from the cool was this Moth and maybe Dave from Lancashire and Lakeland can identify.
Not soon after this little Willy Wagtail decided it was Breakfast. Minus the Bacon and Eggs. and no more moth to be seen....
It has been a beautiful day getting to 22-23 degrees and sun to warm the old joints up. All the flying ants have started their exodus from their respective nests.
Not to be outdone by the Guys and showing that the Ladies can do it just as well. Jo decided it was her time to do some trenching. After a "Safety Induction" and donning protective gear I retreated to the House. Well left to her own a very impressive Trench was well under way after I had my morning coffee and my nerves were settled. There may not be a lot of dirt in the bucket this time but rest assured it got better and fuller as the moring sun rose over the tree tops. I think I am now out of a job!