Ivy Western Ringtail Possum

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Maroo goes Nannup way

We visited Dee and David at Nannup today and a big thank you goes to both of them for showing us around their Black Cockatoo Rehabilitation Facility and opening their home to our arrival. Pictured with me is one of the many Babies they were caring for and this one being one of the Endangered Red Tailed Black Cockatoos [Naso]. Our Trip was to introduce ourselves and to also have a look at their great flight aviary they have. Both Dee and David have been caring for these Endangered Cockatoos for almost 25 years. There were 7 babies being cared for around the clock when we visited. I do hope that I have convinced David to start up a blog as well to keep everyone in touch of their great work.
Whilst we were there Dee was due to feed her Babies [Cockatoos]. and asked if we had one our Burston Blues to try as the Latex ones she was using were collapsing. Well ever the ready a quick look throught the Rescue Vehicle came up with a Number 3- 3 coat to try. As our usual reaction by people was it's "Very Blue isn't it" and maybe they won't take to it well a picture says a thousand words. They are now used as a crop feeder how good is that with no collapsing.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Visiting Mob

Here is the Top Paddock Mob Visiting us early this morning. There are about 15 in this group plus Joeys  and everyone looks to be in Top condition. Also with them is our residend family of magpies.These Maggies, as we call them, are all related and will be here forevere as this is their Territory. They are eating the Earthworms that are most plentiful here.
I can't wait to start the Vege Garden.

Monday, September 26, 2011

The Refuge now has a stable water supply hooray. All the Concreting and digging has now resulted in a Gravity fed water supply system to the Homestead and even more importantly the Enclosures. Now we don't not have to cart water everywhere. The larger tank in the background 5,000L will, in the coming week, replace the 2,500L Tank doubling our capacity. Now how do we get the bigger tank up there?

Friday, September 23, 2011

Sneaking under the Fence

This is at 6.15pm and loosing the light quickly. At 100m and this Fellow has Just snuck uner the fence. Luckily we don't have Border Police. Can you see all 3? there is another hiding just behind the Fence Post. These are all wild Kangaroos coming into the Refuge to munch on the paddock we have.


Here is Tippy. A Western Grey Kangaroo. She is one of the Many wild visitors we get each evening and during the Night.You will notice she is with Joey as there is a very large something in her Pouch...
This was about 5.30 this evening and she is about 300m away with the camera on maximum zoom. 

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Bennys 1st Blue

OK OK we don't get Wombats in Western Australia. But Benny had a sad story and i wanted to show you his progress. He now enjoys getting fed with a Burston Blue Teat.
Is that Not a Happy Face?
Thank you to his Carer [Marie] for sending this Photo.

Out and About

Well we had a call from the Local DEC Co-ordinator [Dept of Environment and Conservation] were we available to do some sand Pads with them 1st thing in the Morning? This was at 4-15pm the day before.... Our Motto "Always Prepared" so off we went this morning to do a total of 50 sand pads. These are used for monitoring feral and Local Wildlife. They consist of a 1 1/2m wide patch of sand [Just the right stuff] and the constancy is a secret -- but it looked like Brikkies yellow Sand, right across the Bush Tracks. Raked and fluffed then smoothed with a Broom to get a fluffy sand consistency that will take an animals foot print. We felt like CSI peopel there for a while. Some rain the night before washed a few away but we had records of Emu, Kangaroos, Feral Cat, Quenda, Wallaby, Chudich and a Bird of some sort.
We also had visual sightings of Tammar Wallaby, Woylie, Emu [maybe the one that left the Tracks?] Red Tailed Black Cockatoos and White tailed Black Cockatoos feeding.
Radio Tracking was also done on 8 Individual Woylies [Radio Tracking Collars fitted last Year] and we are happy to say all 8 were Located [Via Radio] and we on the Hop so to speek.
A long and Enjoyable day by both of us.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Here is Brother Kevin - he came to visit and ended up assisting with Digga [The Mini Excavator]. Digging the Water Trench from the Refuge Main Water Tank to the previously layed Water Tank slab. He is also one of our bestest Volunterers.
Here is Leonard looking in from the Bush viewing Progress being made -- well slowly by Brother Kevin. Site manager Ellie went on a perimiter fence walk very early this moring to check the Fencing and well is in bed asleep. AGAIN. 

Friday, September 9, 2011

Movie Stars?

If we have our Hand Prints in Cement does that make us Movie Stars?
I see that the Site manager was 1st! and todays Date. now to go and clean all the Gear....

Signing the Slab

Its done 3 hours later....I may be slow but what the Heck when i have all day to do it. 2.2mx2.2mx.1m 5 bags of Cement and 4 Bucket loads of Gravel...

It Begins

The Start of the Cementing Begins for the Water Tank Stand. Its a Nice cool 24 degrees today and under shade. My 1st attempt at laying a slab of Concrete...

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Tank Stand Pad

Here is the New Pad for the Wildlife Refuge's Water Supply ready for the Cement Pour. Thats Gilbert one of the Refuges Helpers. Ellie our Supervisor was asleep in the Homestead but don't say i told you ok. As we are not connected to Mains. You Kids out there may take it for granted that you just turn the tap on. Think again when you have no town supply what then? The Refuge has a 130,000 Litre Water tank that collects from the Machinery Shed. The Machinery shed is 17m x 9m now if we had 100mm of rainfall in a day how much water have we collected? It's crystal clear as we are 40 kms from the town of Manjimup. The Shire has 9,775 people in it covering an area of over 7,000 square kms...

The Clearing is done

Finally the Clearing for our Education room. Another Hard Days work at the Refuge. There will be 2 old Stumps and a Big Jarrah Log at the end of the Car Park. Now we await the arrival of the Components to start Building.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Stumpy Finally removed!

Well it took 5 Hours 1 Mini Excavator, 1 Tractor with a Bucket, 2 Broken Chains and a lot of Sweat but the old Tree Stmp was finnally removed from its resting place. Looking and counting the Rings of the old Jarrah Tree Stump we guestimated it at 400-450 years old! It was possibly Cut down for timber around the Late 50's or 60's would have been well over 150Ft tall and the stump has been in the Ground ever since!. We have even bigger Stumps in the Back 110 acres.
Thats Ellie our Faithfull Works Supervisor Posing for the Shot. She Keeps on eye on what Dad is doing if its No good she goes and Tells Mum. SERIOUSLY!

Weve Done it

Its taken a while but we have finally done it.
We moved into the Refuge 4 weeks ago and have hit the ground running.
With starting up our own production of "Burston Blues" Wildlife "Silicone" Teats,
Moving all our Stuff [you don't want to know how Much] oh and all of Jo's gear [thats the Missus] for her Wildlife Clinic its been a very busy time. I do however apologise for not updating this Blog but rest assured it will be now. I just have to learn how to do all of it again.