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Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Home is up for Sale

Well I have managed to upload a few photos.
"How we plan to to finance it all".
Well we own the 160 acre [Just over 64 Hectares] property 3 1/2 hrs drive from Perth near Manjimup in the South West of Western Australia. We have named it "Maroo" if you are all wondering why then Ma is for the help that my Grandmother gave to us and Roo for the affinity we have with the Australian Kangaroo and how they have entered and touched our lives.
As you can see our Primary home [Of 6 Acres] is up for sale-once this has finalised then we are onto our next stage of our lives. Stage 1 have a plan, Stage 2 was to procure property, Stage 3 basic infrastructure etc Stage 4 sell our Home of 18 years etc we are up to stage 4 Now.

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Hello and Welcome to Maroo Wildlife Refuge. With my wife Jo I hope to bring you into our life of Western Australian wildlife rehabilitation. We mainly work with the Western Grey Kangaroo, Red and White Tailed Black Cockatoo, Wyolies, Numbats and more.